DELAY-21 - Broadcast Audio Delay

The Onair Broadcast Audio Delay is an always on audio delayer with basic audio masking/dumping capabilities which provides an efficient and reliable way to solve broadcast delay needs. Internal hardware can support
delays from 0.01 seconds up to 1 hour. Delay can be increased/decreased by 0.01 second.

Features :

  • Up to 1 hour of delay protection
  • Ability to play custom audio files for masking audio
  • Supervising Incoming Audio
  • 16-bit analog XLR I/O
  • Remote Control over HTTP and TCP/IP
  • User-defined “DUMP” length
  • Configurable audio masking for instantaneous dumps
  • Rebuilding Audio Delay on dump *experimental
  • Emergency Dump
  • Remote control Desktop Unit


The Onair Broadcast Audio Delay has two independent outputs, unbalanced analogue audio inputs/outputs on 3 pin XLR connectors and 3.5mm stereo jack and provides sample rates up to 48kHz at 16bit. XLR connectors intended to be used for audio broadcasting and 3.5mm stereo jack is for supervising the outgoing audio. Both outputs delay durations can be configured through Remote Web Control panel.

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