Mirage Dig Evo - Audio Processor

MIRAGE DIG EVO the our latest Digital Audio Processor

The Mirage Dig Evolution processor is the fully digital audio processor, powered by DSP technology.

Mirage Dig Evo is a complete audio signal processing system for AM, FM and TV transmissions.

  •     Digital AES/EBU&Optical Inputs & Outputs
  •     Balanced Analog Inputs & Outputs
  •     AES/EBU standard, 24-bit resolution
  •     UltraLow Latency Structure (only 3 ms delay)
  •     Four Bands in multiband compressor process
  •     Switcher with selectable backup audio sources
  •     Intelligent Silence Detector and Backup Audio
  •     Headphone output
  •     Four-bands AGC control
  •     Eight-bands Equalizer
  •     DSP processing powered
  •     Digital Stereo MPX Coder
  •     Software PC control
  •     Ethernet control


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