Basic Beliefs

ONAIR’s greatest strength is the quality and commitment of its people. We encourage people to communicate their ideas and contribute their creative energies to the continued development of the organization.
We are here to provide the needs of the customer. We must develop and maintain close ties to radio and tv broadcast customers worldwide. Our responsiveness to the radio and tv broadcast market is conveyed in the products and services which we offer.
We must operate in an environment of never-ending improvement. Quality is the best assured through continuous improvoment. We must not only improve, we must improve faster than our competitors in order to achieve dominant status in the radio and tv broadcast world market.
We must rapidly adapt relevant emerging technologies to better serve the customer. A positive environment, where risk-taking and experimentation are encouraged, will generate the new ideas, new products and new services which are keys to our future.
We are in business to make profit. Profit is necessary to provide all employees with adequate and fair compensation, stable employment, challenging work, opportunities for personal development, a satisfying work life and contribute to the economic well being of the community. Profit is also necessary to provide an adequate return on the shareholders investment and to continue the necessary funding for new product development.

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We gathered all required technical documents, HOWTO's, KNOWHOW's together at one place.

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Radio Coverage

Apply “Trial and error” method to your radio station's variables. Change power, antenna height/location/type and determine best values for your Radio.

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