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Transmitter Rental System

Onair Transmitter Rental System is an advanced Cloud Transmitter Remote Control Service. Which helps you rent transmitters and earn money.
Our artifical intelligence powered system handles all

Wireless Speaker System for Radio Stations

In the open-air areas that FM radio can be followed through, FM radio broadcast companies need to have a speaker, an amplifier and a radio receiver so that they will be able to allow people to list

Road tunnel rebroadcasting and announcement system

FM radio broadcast can cut off in the road tunnels. Drivers have to obey some rules such as keeping their velocity in speed limit, turning on the car lights, not overtaking etc. in the road tunnels

Broadcasting song and singer names from RDS

Nowadays, many radio stations broadcasts music, news, and advertising spots on the radio automation software on pre-determined times. This spot is stored on the computer as compressed audio files a

Writing texts on to the scrolling led panels by FM transmitters

RDS data and radio text messages can be sent by FM Transmitters which use RDS Encoder.
By the commands of SD-13 module, RT data which is involved in FM radio broadcoast, is gotten and then co

Wireless remote control of transmitters

Remote control over a public mobile phone network with SMS or via a wireless IP connection.

Your task:
As a network operator, you must continuously stay informed about the curren

Professional Radio Studios

Onair studio, production studio, radiolink/uplink, transmitter and antenna are the main parts of the radio stations. Especially, studios are really important for them that they spend their budget f

Onair Service Center

We gathered all required technical documents, HOWTO's, KNOWHOW's together at one place.

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Radio Coverage

Apply “Trial and error” method to your radio station's variables. Change power, antenna height/location/type and determine best values for your Radio.

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