GPS NTP Server

ONAIR GPS NTP Server is a GPS based Stratum-1 NTP server. It is simple to use that supplies accurate time for all kind of timekeeping devices on a network. The device gets high precision atomic clock reference from GPS satellites and ensures that accurate time is provided to servers, workstations and network infrastructures such as routers and switches. Additionally, many other network devices, such as CCTV/IP cameras, telephone systems, and automation systems can also be configured to synchronize to the GPS NTP Server.

Main Features:

  1. Web interface support for remote configuration and access.
  2. Extremely simple setup with a single IP address.
  3. Compatible with all PTP, NTP, SNTP supported devices.
  4. Automatic GPS retrieval and time synchronization.
  5. It can be positioned indoors with an external 3m GPS antenna.
  6. It can also maintain time synchronization in case of short breaks in the satellite connection.
  7. DHCP client, FTP, SSH server support, command-line configuration (SSH).
  8. Possibility of the remote software update.



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