GPS Controlled And Remotely Programmable Clock

GPS Controlled And Remotely Programmable Clock

General Features

It is a GPS controlled master clock which can be able to manage max. 250 slave displays. Master clock and slave displays are communicating through a local network which can be Ethernet or WiFi. Master Clock synchronizes clock using internal GPS receiver, it stores clock information and with the built-in NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, all computers supporting NTP (Microsoft Windows, macOS, and most Linux operating systems supports NTP) in your network can synchronize the clock. 

Master Clock can display different information on Slave Displays, which can be controlled using the Remote Control System.
It is equipped with Real-Time Clock, so the system is not affected by the power outages.

It shows temperature and humidity or any text message periodically on the display getting the values from the internet. If there is no internet connection this function will not be supported.

It can be reached remotely or via the internet (ethernet or WIFI) and configure the parameter like a text message.

This clock has a GPS receiver so it can synchronize the computer network also.

Product Dimensions

The standard size of our LED Panels is 16cm(height)x32cm(length).

You can choose the clock's size up to 64cm(height)x128cm(length) and also you can make it a double-sided display.


If you want to have information for temperature, humidity and air quality without the internet, we can establish them at your clock as well.


You can select your clock with an alarm or not.

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