Tunnel Radio Broadcast and Announcement System

FM radio broadcasts in the tunnels are interrupted. At the same time, the vehicles entering the tunnel have to obey the speed limit, do not overtake and turn on the headlights. There must also be a system to warn vehicles entering the tunnel in case of danger.
In tunnels, ONAIR not only makes the radio broadcasts listenable, but also reminds the drivers that they should obey the rules with the announcement they send to their radios. In addition, in case of emergency, the drivers reach the radio receivers and listen to the announcements.

Tunnel radio broadcasting system consists of detecting the frequencies of the radio broadcasts before entering the tunnel and repeating the radio broadcasts from a special antenna cable laid in the tunnel by adjusting the frequencies of the low power transmitters operating at the same frequencies. In this way, various information announcements are also played to the drivers who continue to listen to the radio in the tunnel before entering the tunnel.
In addition, announcements are delivered to the vehicles in the tunnel via radio receivers in emergencies.

Modules used in the system:
FM splitter with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 way bandpass filter
DEVOTION, FM Receiver with RDS
FTC25, FM modulator with RDS with 10mW output
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 way low power RF combiner
25W linear FM amplifier

ONAIR is ready to assist you with the necessary system design and device selection. In particular, planning intermodulation products with a combination of multiple frequencies with ONAIR will make your work much easier. You can buy our module module products and install your own system or you can get a turnkey solution.

Excellent sound quality.
25W linear amplifier.
Ability to interrupt broadcast and enter announcement.
Re-broadcast the radio frequency between 1 and 24 into the tunnel.
Add RDS to any channel.
Broadcast each radio broadcast from its own frequency to the tunnel.

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