IPAB-18-1 - IP Audio Broadcaster

IPAB-18-1 is an IP Audio Broadcaster. It has 1 Line Input and 1 Microphone input. It broadcasts the audio inputs over IP.
IPAB can work with Shoutcast and Icecast servers.
IPAB has a built-in web server and audio server. Contains interactive chat panel which lets you communicate between clients and administrator in real-time.
The built-in web server enables remote controlling and built-in audio servers to enable easy re-streaming audio inputs.
IPAB has WiFi Hotspot feature, which you can activate from the button and connect it to control IPAB


• Multiple audio streams for broadcasting.
• Translated speech distribution over IP and application in meetings.
• Different types of processed audio streams.
• Log of interactive chats by the client’s ID.


• Supported stream connections: HTTP, BRTP, RTP, SIP, Raw UDP, Raw TCP, Icecast, and Shoutcast.
• Control and configuration using a standard web browser.
• Internal Icecast compatible Audio Server.
• Remote controllable using HTTP and Cloud.

• Input Voltage/ Current: 5V / 2A
• Power consumption: 10Watt max.
• Input type: 5.5mm DC Barrel
• Max. 150Mbps WiFi connection (2.4GHz) (Max 255 clients)
• 3G/4G USB Modem support (USB 2.0)
• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection
• Analog Stereo 3.5mm Line Input
• Analog Mono 6.35mm Microphone Input
• IP Audio Streams – HTTP, BRTP, RTP, SIP, Raw UDP, Raw TCP, Icecast, and Shoutcast

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