•  It is designed using very rugged LDMOS transistor. So, its efficiency is very high.
  • Max. Input power is 30W.
  • It has reflection, current and temperature protections.
  • Output power can be set to lower powers.
  • It has a room temperature and humidity sensor inside, so it automatically runs airconditioner according to transmitter room air condition.
  • It keeps event logs.
  • It has a remote control via ethernet or 3G/4G USB stick.
  • N+1 redundancy system is ready to use.



 Very Efficient LDMOS Amplifier

 Our amplifiers are  manufactured using high efficient LDMOS transistors.



 N+1 Redundancy system

 With the Built-in N+1 Redundancy system, you’ll be always on air.


Cloud ready

 Remote controlling is default on FA’s!

 FA series have built-in remote control system, which is also cloud ready.

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