DEVOTION - FM Monitoring Receiver

DEVOTION is a completely software defined radio that can be monitor the FM radio stations in 87.5-108MHz frequency band.
It has 1.5W speakers, headphones jack and audio outputs to monitor the audio. There is a switch at the front panel that connects Left or Right or Left+Right channels to the speakers. Stereo quality can be checked easily like that.
RDS information PSN,RT,PTY,AF,PI,TA can be seen on the LCD display.
RF receiving signal level(RSSI), Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR) and Stereo Blanding Ratio(SBR) can be seen on the LCD display. A threshold can be defined for RF signal level. When RF signal level has reduced below the threshold, the speakers give alarm signal and a contact is closed in GPIO output. This contact can be used to light a lamp or other purposes. There are contacts in GPIO for TA, TP and SNR also. These contacts can be connected to lamps or sirens to warn the user if listening station send TA or TP or SNR is bad etc.
RS485 port can be connected to the scrolling LED panels. When you write a message to RT, It can be seen in LED scrolling panels. You can check the text messages you sent to the outdoor LED scrolling panels from studio.
P.S.: We have a 60x90mm sizes equipment to receive the RT message and send to scrolling LED panel for outdoor usage.
There is a 12VDC supply input.It can be used with solar pannels.

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