Production System

ONAIR manufactures the devices, according to ISO9001 Quality Management System. All our devices are suitable for international standards. All process are controlled via ERP software step by step such as purchasing, controlling warehouses, production and exporting; so that orders are able to deliver in time. This process also ensures standard manufacturing in the factory.

All of our products are verified with CE quality and we have been using lead free solder in production, so that production is both harmless to human health and to nature in Onair.

PCBs with SMD materials designed in our R&D department are produced through the high sensitive SMD pick&place machine and reflow owen, materials in DIP sheath are soldered in the wave soldering machine. Not only machines but also floor in the production area is completely grounded to protect the materials from any high electrostatic voltage.
All PCBs are tested one by one and kept in the stock in the suitable circumstances.

Some of the products that are either metal box or sawdust designed and drawn in 3-D in our company, then they are made in details in the companies we have an agreement. After, all these products are checked in our laboratory and laid down in the warehouses.

Our production system is shaped by the orders. Since we keep PCBs and metal boxes tested in the store, we are ready to prepare the device in a short time and make the shipment.

Devices are tested by means of the RF, Audio, Video and Energy Consumption test equipment respectively, then all reports are saved in our archive while one copy is sent with the device to customers.
Devices are sent with either cardboard or wooden board according to the shipment conditions.

Series of production machines used in our production line are below:

• ESSEMTEC FLX 2011-C Highly flexible inline placement system with laser
centering (solder with a dispenser - no need for stencil for low quantity
• ESSEMTEC RO300FC-C Full convection reflow oven for SMT
• ESSEMTEC FINO Semiautomatic stencil printer (measure of stencil=23'')
• WELDSMT WAVE W-250DS-LF Lead-Free Wave Solder Machine
Mechanical mounting is provided with a pneumatics screwdriver which
allows to set its torque.
All devices goes through the tests below after production:
• 200-250V AC test (Device is tested with difference supply voltages by
means of a variac)
• Temperature test (Device is heated up to 70 C, then temperature alarm is
observed at this temperature.)
• Reflection test (Device is caused to reflection, then reflection alarm is
• Function tests (LED values and their factuality is tested)
• Shaking test (Device is shaked, after 30 minutes, it is worked again.)
• Form registry (information of the device, customer info, and the date is

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