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Yayın tarihi : 08/11/2017 00:00

ONAIR MEDYA had a remarkable time to exhibit at the Broadcast Indonesia this year which was held at Jakarta International Expo from 25th to 27 of October 2017.

Broadcast Indonesia is a very important exhibition to understand the requests from Indonesian market. We believe that this exhibition will help us to improve the strength and value of our products. We aim to increase our coverage in Indonesia since our transmitters are very popular because of its adaptability to different climates.


Yayın tarihi : 16/09/2016 00:00

ONAIR MEDYA had an exceptional and outstanding experience at IBC2016 Exhibition in Amsterdam.

Many visitors and potential customers around the world came by to see the stand of ONAIR Medya. The number of crowd just keep on increasing from the start till the last day in the exhibition. Also, a lot of radio owners and potential customers are very interested to make business with the company, knowing that ONAIR transmitters are highly efficient and cheapest one in the market. It is such an electrifying experience for the team as the visitors shows a great interest to their product. Follow up to the show, they received a numerous inquiry and calls pertaining to their showcased products.

CABSAT 2016 DUBAI Fuarında ürünlerimizi sergiledik...

Yayın tarihi : 21/03/2016 00:00

8-10 Mart 2016 tarihlerinde Dubai Dünya Ticaret Merkezinde düzenlenen Ortadoğu ve Afrika bölgesinin en önemli yayıncılık teknolojileri fuarı CABSAT 2016'da FM vericilerimize ve Dijital Radyolink cihazlarımıza ilgi büyüktü.

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